Dog Daycare

Servicing Bloomfield NJ and surrounding towns

Dog Daycare

servicing Bloomfield NJ and surrounding towns

Dog Daycare

Daycare offers the perfect environment for your dog to get proper exercise and socialization. Most dogs would prefer to spend the day with their canine friends or caring humans than be home alone.

Whether you are at work, on vacation, have a busy day planned, or simply want to treat your dog to a fun-filled day of play, we offer a supervised, safe and interactive atmosphere. High energy or couch potato, your dog will experience positive interactions with other club members, and activities such as games, fetch, bubble time, and quiet time to nap and relax.

We know we can’t take your place, but we can provide the companionship, love and attention that your dog needs in your absence.

All members must pass a temperament assessment to be admitted

Bloomfield, NJ Dog Daycare

Why consider bringing your dog to The LI’L Woof Club?

Leaving your fur baby home alone all day does not allow him the attention he so deserves. Lack of interaction for long periods can produce excessive barking, disobedience and stress for your dog. It can cause pet parents to feel guilty and pets to develop separation anxiety.

A great alternative to being alone all day is to bring your pup to The LI’L Woof Club.

Our club’s atmosphere offers dogs the opportunity to interact with other pups their size, under the watchful care of trained staff members.

Dogs are social animals by nature and need socialization. The LI’L Woof Club allows dogs to meet and play and develop their social skills.

Dogs are also creatures of habit and benefit from routine, as well as exercise. Sending your pup to The LI’L Woof Club offers both the routine and the playtime that is so important to their overall health.

We offer you peace of mind knowing that your dog is well cared for during your working hours. We provide an affordable service with the flexibility you need.

Remember, a stimulated and tired dog is a happy dog! This relaxed state if mind breeds contentment for both you and you pup.

What our Customers are Saying

Love this place. My pooch had a blast socializing with his new-found friends. The place was immaculately clean and service was awesome. A lot of thought has gone into planning the space to fully benefit its clientele: discerning doggies with parents who adore them. I would bring him daily, if I could! It is a relief to feel that I can leave my baby and tend to the things I have to do without worries or concerns.

Marjorie G. Marjorie G., Google

Our dog Frankie loves going to daycare at the Li’l Woof Club! We recently moved to the area and we are so happy to have found a daycare that we can trust and rely on. Susan and her staff are excellent- they love and care for the dogs deeply. Frankie is always rushing to get inside once he realizes he’s going to daycare and comes home nice and exhausted. Thank you Li’l Woof Club!

Renata M. Renata M., Facebook

Susan and the Lil Woof Club crew go above and beyond to take care of my pup Chesney every week. They are very flexible with drop off/pick up times. Chesney is wiped down before I pick her up so she’s nice and clean (which I have found is not the case at other day cares in the past). They are very responsive, and take pictures so you can see how your pup is doing! I would highly recommend entrusting your dog in Lil Woof Club’s care!

Veronica H. Veronica H., Google

The best place to have your dog learn socialization! Our 8 month old puppy leaps out of the car and runs in to play with the other dogs! All of the dogs are well cared for and consistently wag their tails. We give LI’L Woof 5 stars!

Beth V. Beth V., Facebook

Li’l Woof Club is a very welcome addition to our weekly routine with our chihuahua-mix, Chico. Chico has been timid and shy since we adopted him earlier this year, and with each visit, we can see a positive change in his confidence. He’s excited to walk into daycare in the morning and is a tired boy for the rest of the evening after we pick him up. Susan has put a lot of time and thought into making Li’l Woof Club a clean and safe place for dogs to socialize and treats each dog as her own!

John E. John E., Google


Dog daycare gives your dog a chance to do dog stuff all day, while you are off doing human stuff. It allows your dog to get the proper physical exercise and mental stimulation they need to maintain good health. Daycare is a chance for our members to socialize and play with other dogs in a structured environment. We have a daily schedule that includes playtime, games, socialization and naps. Our members are constantly supervised and inappropriate play is stopped while good behavior is rewarded. We keep our members safe, clean and well cared for.

This really depends on your dogs personality and need for exercise and interaction. The more your dog comes to club, the better our staff and the other members can form a bond. Our main concern is that your dog comes often enough to establish those relationships. Hence, we require your pup to come at least once a week at minimum.

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