Dog Daycare

Servicing Bloomfield NJ and surrounding towns

Dog Daycare

servicing Bloomfield NJ and surrounding towns


Dog daycare gives your dog a chance to do dog stuff all day, while you are off doing human stuff. It allows your dog to get the proper physical exercise and mental stimulation they need to maintain good health. Daycare is a chance for our members to socialize and play with other dogs in a structured environment. We have a daily schedule that includes playtime, games, socialization and naps. Our members are constantly supervised and inappropriate play is stopped while good behavior is rewarded. We keep our members safe, clean and well cared for.

This really depends on your dogs personality and need for exercise and interaction. The more your dog comes to club, the better our staff and the other members can form a bond. Our main concern is that your dog comes often enough to establish those relationships. Hence, we require your pup to come at least once a week at minimum.

Most of our members are about 40 pounds and under and are grouped by temperament. Members who are more low key get to hang together, while active members can play freely. Our members are separated into groups that are consistent with both their size and activity level.

Members are encouraged to eliminate outside in our fenced terrace. If an accident happens inside, the area will be cleaned and disinfected immediately.

An assessment is important for all of our members. It helps us determine if your dog is a fit for daycare. For the safety and well being of all our members, it is required that all dogs go through this screening process. This gives our staff the knowledge as to whether or not your dog will enjoy participating in the daycare process and can be made aware of any aggressive or antisocial behaviors. Our pet parents want to know that their dog is safe, and having fun with other non aggressive dogs.

Yes, please provide food in clearly marked airtight containers with specific instructions.

Yes and there is no charge for providing your pet his or her medication.

In the event that your pet requires medical attention, we will refer to your contact list and make every attempt to reach you or your designated emergency contact. If we are unable to contact you or your emergency contact and we feel your dog needs medical attention, we will transport your pet to their regular veterinarian, if close by, to ensure continuity of care. If your veterinarian is not near our facility, we will go to one of the local veterinarians that we know.

We offer discounts for each additional dog for daycare.